City of Baraboo Municipal Building
101 South Blvd. 
Baraboo, WI 53913
(608) 355-2700

Administration Office Personnel:

  • City Administrator
  • City Attorney
  • Executive Secretary
The City Administrator's Mission: to help insure that the City of Baraboo is the very best community possible in which to live and work. To accomplish this, the Administrator endeavors to make our local government, and the services it provides, of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost to the citizens of Baraboo.

The City Attorney's Mission: to conduct most of the law business in which the City is interested and to insure that the City receives competent legal advice, guidance, and representation on City legal matters. In this role, the attorney acts as legal advisor to the Mayor, the Common Council, and the duly constituted committees, commissions, and boards of the City. The Attorney also provides legal advice to City officers and officials on City legal matters.

The Executive Secretary's Mission:  to serve the Mayor, the City Administrator, and the City Attorney by providing any needed office service including personnel work, serving as City Newsletter Editor, coordinating municipal codebook updates, agenda preparation for Council and Finance/Personnel, meeting coordination, and any other assigned duties.

Development Review

Bi-monthly sessions with citizens and/or developers who are interested in building in the City. Issues are worked out with staff before going to committee level to insure that citizen or developer has all the information necessary for a committee to make a decision.

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