Emergency Management

Mission Statement: In conjunction with the City of Baraboo Ordinances, Federal, State, County and other political subdivisions maintain an effective and consistent emergency management program.  It is also our mission to protect both public and private property and the citizens of the City of Baraboo. 

Services Provided, People Served: This Commission serves the entire city encompassed by its geographical boundaries and the residents of the City of Baraboo. The City of Baraboo Emergency Management Department shall coordinate all applicable functions to the maximum extent applicable with the existing services and facilities of this City. And with the comparable functions of the Federal, State, County Managements and other political subdivisions, and the various private agencies to the end that most effective preparation and use may be made of work force, resources and facilities for dealing with any natural or man made disasters that occur. Ordinance 1.33 promulgates City of Baraboo Emergency Management  Commission.

Emergency Management Commission Members

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