Back to School Safety Reminders:

Soon many students will be returning to Baraboo schools for another year of learning. With all the children, adults, bicycles, and motor vehicles traveling to and from school, the need for safety is paramount. Here are some reminders during this busy time of the year:

  • The City employs three adult crossing guards at three different locations. (8th St. at Jefferson St., Camp St. at 8th St., and 9th St. at Draper St.) By state statute, crossing guards have the authority to stop traffic at marked school crossings. Failure to obey, could result in a traffic citation being issued in the amount of $213.10.
  • There is a lot of congestion at schools before and after school. Please be aware of signs indicating speed limits, and no parking areas.
  • Please be patient, observant, and slow down while traveling in school areas.
  • For more information or questions regarding individual schools, visit the Baraboo School District website at
  • Contact the BPD for further questions at 355-2720.


Kids & Cyber Security - Protect your children online;

  • Keep your computer in a central and open location
  • Discuss and set guidelines/rules for computer use with your children and implement strong parental controls
  • Know who your children are talking to online
  • Use strong passwords
  • Keep web browsers and operating system up to date
  • Know who you're dealing with online. Don't run programs of unknown origin
  • Use security software tools as your first line of defense. Backup important files and folders
  • Don't open unknown emails. Use a secure wireless network
    More information at: